Saturday, 21 November 2020

Italy Serie A: Spezia vs Atalanta


Weekend has started and the leauge games returned. Today we will visit Italy where the 8th round of the Serie A league starts. We have some predictions for Seria A game between Atalanta and Spezia.

Spezia vs Atalanta

Tip: Atalanta to win & over 2.5 goals

Atalanta is on the 6th place in the league table. The fight for the top spot is tight as the first placed AC Milan has only 4 more points which means it's only one win and one draw away from Atalanta. Atalanta shows amazing attacking skills this season and very often their games end up with more than 2 or even more than 3 goals. Atalanta won 5 out of their last 6 away games and each of those wins produced over 2.5 goals in total. Spezia on the other hand is an average team sitting in the middle of the table. In terms of their matches at home they seem to be losing every alternative game. They also tend to lose at least 2 goals per game as after 7 games so far theirs goals stats are 11 scored and 15 lost. For comparison Atalanta's stats are 18:14. Both teams will be missing some players today however Spezia will be missing twice as much. To summarize I expect rather easy win for Atalanta who is motivated to fight for at least top 3 in the league.

Good luck!

Monday, 16 November 2020

UEFA Nations League - Tuesday


2 out of 3 betting tips for UEFA Nations League on Sunday were correct! So It's time for the next games in the same competition. The best and most exciting games seems to be Croatia versus Portugal and Spain versus Germany. And exactly on those two games we will focus in our preview predictions. Here we go!

Croatia vs Portugal

Tip: Over 2.5 goals

This is a rematch as the first game happened in Portugal in September this year. We saw a lot of goals back then as it ended with 4:1 win for Portugal. This is also the last game in the group stage for them. Portugal currently sitting on the second place with 10 points - 3 points behind France who is first. Croatia 3rd place with just 3 points which means motivation will be close to ZERO on their side. Portugal should take an easy win here. However they can experiment with the squad because in theory France will still be at the top. Coming back to our prediction... matches where Croatia plays tends to have quite a lot of goals. In fact in each of the last 9 games there was at least 3 goals in total. Seems like a value pick with good odds.

Spain vs Germany

Tip: Both teams to score

OK this is the most exciting game of Tuesday in UEFA Nations League. It's not only because both are great teams.... it's also because there is only 1 point difference between them. Germany is first with 9 points while Spain is second with 8 points. And this will be the last game in the group stage. So basically whoever wins is going to be promoted to the play-offs. Well... Germany only needs a draw result. However Spain has a "playing at home" advantage. It's hard to imagine Germany out. Draw result is likely. Difficult to choose a winner here. It's fifty / fifty. So instead our prediction is for goals and I think we should see at least one goal from each side. It was the case in their last 2 direct games - although both Spain was playing away. Good luck!

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Betting tips for UEFA Nations League


Yesterday we were short of one goal from the away side for both tips to be successful. Well we cannot win all the time ;-) Anyway today there are a lot of international matches in Europe in the UEFA Nations League competition. Let's try to predict the outcome for some of them.

Netherlands - Bosnia & Herzegovina

Tip: Netherlands to win

Match in the League A Group 1 - round 5. After 4 games Netherlands is on the 3rd place and Bosnia is the last 4th place. Motivation at home side as they still have a chance to win the group (only 2 points behind Poland and 1 point behind Italy) Bosnia does not have realistic chances for 1st place so should be slightly less motivated today. Previous direct game between them happened about a month ago and it ended with a goalless draw at Bosnia. In that game Netherlands despite playing away was dominating tha game with 14 goal attempts and 4 on target. Ball possession almost at nearly 70%. Today they should make it what they couldn't last time. The game starts at 17:00 (5PM) GMT. 

Belgium - England

Tip: England to win or draw

Another game in the League A of the UEFA Nations League but in the Group 2. This time we are going against the favourite. England is seen as an underdog. However last game they played each other showed that England can win and the game was very tight. Both teams have equal skillset and going with England looks like a good value. They won at home 2:1. Belgium is still leading the group with 9 points while England is 3rd with 7 points. I think draw result is quite likely. Although England will be more motivated to win to fight for the 1st place.

Italy - Poland

Tip: Italy to win

And yet another game in the League A and Group 1. The first direct match between those two teams ended with 0:0 draw in Poland. Italy was slightly dominating side with higher time on the ball and more goal attempts. Today time for rematch, this time Italy at home. Poland improved a lot recently if we compare their results 5-10 years ago. However Italy is still on higher level here. Both teams have chances to win the group. It's a strong group because Netherlands is in it too. Poland got Lewandowski but he is less dangeours in national competition than when he plays with Bayern. Italy should take it by a small margin.

Good luck!

Saturday, 14 November 2020

Netherlands - Eerste Divisie: Roda vs Maastricht

 Hi All!

Today quite late post because it's already Saturday evening. However the best games are yet to come :) There are not many major league matches this weekend due to UEFA Nations League however we found one worth to mention in the Neetherlands Eerste Divisie.

Roda - Maastricht

Tip: BTTS & Over 2.5 goals

OK here we go with a double tip - the first one is for both teams to score at least one goal and the second one is that there will be more than 2.5 goals in total (in other words at least 3 goals). The game starts in about an hour from now. Both teams are in the middle of the league table - Roda 13th place with 13 points and Maastricht 16th place with 9 points. Roda while playing at home is a favourite to win but at this level anything can happen. That's why it's much better to predict goals instead of the winner. Interesting fact is that the last 2 direct games when Roda was a home side ended with a 2:2 draw each. That would cover both of our betting tips. In general teams in this league tend to score a lot of goals so it feels like it's quite a good value prediction.

Good luck!

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Basketball Euroleague: CSKA Moscow vs Baskonia


Today very quick preview predictions because the game in the subject starts in about one hour - today at 17:00 GMT. It will be the 8th round of the basketball EuroLeague.

CSKA Moscow - Baskonia

Tip: CSKA Moscow to win

We are going with the favourite here which is team from Moscow. It won't be as easy game for them to win as the odds would suggest but still I believe home side should win. After 7 games so far CSKA is on the 7th place with 8 points whereby Baskonia is on the 13th place with 4 points. The last direct game between them was back in January this year and CSKA won by just 4 points: 94:90. The fact that Moscow will play at home seems to matter a lot as it's been a thing that they are winning most of their games there. At the same time Baskonia tends to lose away matches.

Good luck!

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Italy Serie A: Atalanta vs Inter


Yesterday Leeds disappointed by losing to Crystal Palace and effectively cause us the first failed betting tip in this month. Let's see if today's predictions will be correct. Again there are a lot of choices - although Sunday offers slightly less than Saturday football matches selection. The chosen game is in the Italian Serie A - game between two very strong teams:

Atalanta - Inter

 Tip: Both teams to score (BTTS)

OK here we go. Initially I thought of going with Inter to win or draw but after a second look I've noticed Lukaku will be out. As it happens Lukaku is the best scorer in Inter so it might be the case there is not enough for Inter. Instead safer tip seems to be for goals. Both teams like to score a lot of them, especially Atalanta. Based on statistics Atalanta scored in 100% of their games at home this season. At the same time Inter managed to score at least one goal in all of their away matches in the Serie A this season. In other words there is quite high chance that on Sunday afternoon we will see goals from both sides.

Good luck!

Saturday, 7 November 2020

Premier League: Crystal Palace vs Leeds


After a great start of November with 2 successful betting tips in a row so far let's continue... hopefully the wining streak. Today there are tons of football games to choose from. It's kind of tricky to decide which one because many of matches are equally good. We need to be careful of the unexpected underdogs winning the games and so on. Here we go:

Crystal Palace - Leeds

Tip: Leeds to win or draw

Both team are neighbours in the league table. They are in the middle of the English Premier League with 10 points each after 7 games so far. So of course win is good but it might be the case that both will share the points. Leeds is doing surprisingly well this season, quite often beating stronger teams. Crystal is also not bad at all. With that in mind it's hard to choose the clear winner. However Crystal Palace will be missing quite a lot of players today and that should prevent them from winning that game. Leeds is not easily beaten so in my opinion quite safe prediction is for Leeds to either win or at least draw.

Good luck!